Getting closer to D-Day!

So we’re reaching a critical stage now in our quest to put Tomo Parts on the internet as a fully functional eCommerce online shop.  We still have a couple of techie things to sort out and our number plate look up system is playing up at the moment…something is bugging the Javascript apparently…we have an alternative solution if we need it.  You can take a look at the pre-launch site here:

The best way to find parts currently is simply to use the search bar top right of the site.  If you want brake pads for a Peugeot 106 simply type in ‘106 brake pads’, if you want bits for a Ford Transit you can just type in ‘Transit’ and see a list of what we have online.  If something doesn’t show up it’s not necessarily that we don’t have the part, it may be that it just hasn’t been listed yet.  Either way, the majority of parts are available overnight for next business day delivery.

Have a look around, I’ll be grateful for the feedback, but please be nice!  🙂


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Haynes goes online…

Haynes has launched its DIY car manuals online. The 50 biggest-selling guides – covering cars like the Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 307 and Vauxhall Astra – can now be accessed by computers, tablets and smartphones.
And the online versions feature video guides, too.
They work out more costly than the £21.99 books, though. For £25, drivers get a year’s access to one guide, with Haynes charging £30 for a lifetime subscription.

Alternatively, you can call Tomo on 01895 443553 for your Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, Motorcraft or Motaquip parts…we have manuals in our head!

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Keep your warranty valid!

If you choose to get your car serviced at an independent garage while it’s in its warranty period, pay attention to the details – and learn from the story of reader Rob MacKay.
European Block Exemption rules mean manufacturers can’t invalidate your guarantee for not using a franchised dealer – as long as the garage follows the maker’s service schedule and uses original equipment parts.
However, everything must be documented for proof – even down to the grade of oil which was used. That’s because if something goes wrong with your car, the manufacturer may claim the fault is down to a below-par service – and you need to be able to prove that’s not the case, or pay a bill of thousands of pounds.
This was the situation faced by Rob, from Haywards Heath, West Sussex, after finding a possible steering fault on his Citroen C3 Picasso. “It started making a grinding noise,” he told us.
His local dealer, Tates of Crawley, told him the 2009 car needed inspecting before the problem could be diagnosed, but warned that a replacement steering rack might be required.
What’s more, there was a chance the warranty wouldn’t cover the fix – even though the car was only two-and-a-half years old and within Citroen’s guarantee. This was because the Picasso’s second service had been done by an independent garage, but the bill did not detail the work carried out and the parts used.
“I couldn’t believe it,” said Rob. “I had to go back to the garage and ask for all the parts used – right down to the grade of oil. They looked at me like I was mad and said: ‘Of course we used the right oil’.”
But as Tates explained to us, if a new steering rack was required, the dealer would need the service history to support its argument for a warranty claim with Citroen. A warranty is valid only if a car has been properly taken care of.
Fortunately, Rob’s was fixed with a top-up of power-steering fluid and an adjustment to the steering rack – all of which was completed free of charge.

Read more:

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New Peugeot 208

Test driving the fabulous new Peugeot 208#peugeot

Catherine has the envious job of test driving the new Peugeot 208.  We’ll see what we can find out about it for you…

More deposits have been laid down for the new Peugeot 208 ahead of customers being able to drive it than for any other new car in the manufacturer’s history, prompting Peugeot UK boss Tim Zimmerman to predict a buoyant year for the firm. In total, more than 3000 deposits for the new 208 have been paid for to date.

New Peugeot 208

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A new dawn

Tomo Motor Parts has been in the parts business for about 30 years now and the same principles apply today as they did when the business started.  Attention to detail, attention to customers and a passion for offering the right part at the right price at the right time.  This blog will hopefully advise and amuse as well as offering up deals and special offers that will keep cars on the roads at a fraction of main dealer costs.  If you want to try replacing a part and you’ve not done it before then we may well be able to advise and help.  Many tasks are more simple than they first appear if you have the right tools.  Good luck with whatever you’re up to, and come back often!

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